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Normally we use pen drive to store files. There might be lots of chance for virus to affect the files.If those files are unimportant you could simply format it. Even formatting makes pen drive capacity smaller and smaller, I don’t know how far this is true but, I heared this from my friends. Here is a simple way to recover your files without need of installing any software.

Insert you pen drive.
Click start–>run—>cmd and enter
check drive name of your pen drive.
If it is in F: ,then goto command promt and type F: and click enter.
Now type this attrib -h -s -r /s /d *.* and press enter.

Wait for a while and check out, your files are recovered:)

Open your terminal and give the following command if tor and vidalia is not installed already:-

sudo apt-get install tor vidalia

Now click Dash Home and type vidalia, click on it.

Goto settings–>Network.

Give your IP address, port no.,username, password if applicable.

Change the type as HTTP/HTTPS.

Now click Advanced tab, select use TCP connection and give the address as and port no. as 9051.

click start tor.

open your browser give type your IP in Socks Host as and port no. as 9050.

click ok and now u can start browsing with tor.

Let me post two ways of downloading youtube videos which I know:


METHOD 1:Downloading without installing any package:

  • Go to video page and allow the video to get buffered fully.
  • Minimize the browser window.
  • Now go to the location /tmp.
  • To go to /tmp follow these steps:
    • open any drive.
    • click ctrl+L.
    • type /tmp and press enter.
  • U can see a video file stored that directory.
  • Copy that file and save in any other directory,for example in desktop.


This method needs to install a package called Clipgrab.

To install this package go to ubuntu software centre and type Clipgrab.Then click install.

You may also install this package by giving the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install clipgrab

Now copy the video url and paste it in the clipgrab package.After a while click grab this clip!.
Now your video gets downloaded and saved in the directory you specified..

Enjoy watching!!!!

Happy to post after a very long gap..

Hope u all know that ubuntu has stopped shipping free os cd few months back…so you cannot get at free of cost.Here is an option, all you need is an internet connection,a pen drive and a system installed with ubuntu os.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download ubuntu latest version from
  2. Insert you pen drive to the system in which ubuntu is already installed
  3. Go to system—>administration—>Startup disk creator
  4. Click other and select path where you have saved your downloaded os
  5. Click erase disk if the pen drive is not formatted already
  6. Select make startup disk and you be asked password 2 to 3 times
  7. Give the password and click finish

Ya its ready….now with the use of pen drive you can install os..after inserting the pen drive change boot option to boot from usb…

Save cd’s!!!


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